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Kim Kardashian Sexy Photos In Arab Magazine (VIDEOS + PHOTOS)


Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Hia Magazine.

Hia Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine for Arab women. In the shoot, Kardashian wore several outfits with matching veils.

Some of the outfits include a low-cut sexy white dress that shows off Kim’s cleavage.

Kim was so excited about her shoot that she wrote on her blog Wednesday. She wrote: “I’m excited to share my cover of Hia Magazine!”

“Hia is the leading luxury lifestyle magazine for Arab women and I’m honored to be on the cover. This shoot was so different from any I have done before and I’m so pleased with how the cover turned out. I got to wear some incredible high glamour creations by grand couturier St├ęphane Rolland!”

Check out Kim Kardashian Hia Magazine photos here:






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  • Grolia

    no matter what she does, it does not move any of my bone

  • Paloma

    She looks sexy as ever.

  • Adam Kimberlin

    You go girl! Make some of that Arab money.

  • Virat

    Did she do the photo shoot before or after she did you know what with a Sheikh for $$$?

  • Hussain

    The magazine will still be sold in a paper bag..

  • Liz

    She looks silly. I wish they all would go live there.

  • Gracia

    Please don’t send her to the Arab world. The women will take one look and prefer things the way they have them.

  • William

    What country is that mag from?

  • Clara

    Who really cares what Mrs. Karthashian does or wears!

  • Xamption

    That’s awesome.. Really!!