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  • David

    I think she was more beautiful when younger! 😉

  • Sheena

    Kristen Stewart is absolutely gorgeous ever since! We cannot deny that fact!

  • Masum

    Looking very very beautiful !

  • Watson

    Nice !!! Before and after she was nice at all !!!!

  • William B

    She is a beautiful girl, now or then. But, I think she is now more beautiful than past.

  • Kelly Johnson

    It is absolutely beautiful when you are young! No make up and very elegant in a natural way!

  • Natalie

    She turned into a sophisticated woman!

    • Ramon

      Yeah, you’re true !!

  • Dell stein

    Kristen is cute now and she was more cute in past with some of fat. But, she looks more glamorous now for her zero figure 😉

  • Meski

    She was too cute in her childhood :-)

  • Maria

    I think she changed a bit not much and I love that 😉