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Lady Gaga’s Saggy Boobs (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga strolls the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina and side-flashes her saggy boobs.

The popstar wore an unflattering ensemble of a vest, ripped jeans, and robotic-looking shoes.

Gaga never ceases to show her quirky fashion, but this time the only thing that catches your eyes are her saggy boobs.

The vest that covers the front of her chest reveals that Gaga wasn’t wearing a bra.

What do you think of Lady Gaga’s outfit?

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  • galib

    But it attracts everybody, doesn’t it?

  • Mark Fuller

    Isn’t looking sexy :(

  • Elly

    Gaga’s looking old :( But why?

    • Sheri

      What do you think? She is a teenager? lol 😉

      • Elly

        No!! But she isn’t too old!

  • Watson

    wow! She’s boobs is too saggy 😉

  • Virat

    Swaaap Sweetyyy!!