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Lego Accused Of Racism Over Jabba’s Palace Toy


A Turkish community in Austria has accused Lego of racism.

According to the group, the toy maker made one of its Star Wars models similar to a renowned mosque.

Jabba’s Palace, a dome structure that houses Star Wars villain Jabba the Hut, is at the centre of the controversy.


The model includes toy weapons that encourages fans to free Hans Solo from Jabba’s Palace. The toy retails for about £119.99.

The product apparently offended some because they feel that it resembles Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia mosque.


After the toy was spotted at a toy shop last Christmas, the Turkish Cultural Community of Austria, called Lego and asked for an apology for offending religious and cultural feelings.

The group also refers to Jabba the Hut as a “terrorist” who smokes hookah and kills his victims.

“It is apparent that, for the figure of the repulsive bad guy, Jabba, and the whole scenery, racial prejudices and hidden suggestions against Orientals and Asians were used as deceitful and criminal personalities.

The group says they are considering legal action against Lego and tells parents “not to buy toys of war or toys of discrimination.”

Lego spokesman denied that the toy has any link between Jabba’s Palace and the mosque.

“The Lego Star Wars product Jabba’s Palace does not reflect any actually existing buildings, people, or the mentioned mosque. The Lego mini-figures are all modelled on characters from the movie.

“We regret that the product has caused the members of the Turkish cultural community to come to a wrong interpretation, but point out that when designing the product only the fictional content of the Star Wars saga were referred to.”

What do you think of Jabba’s Palace? Does the toy promote racism?

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    Why should some people be offered it is just a toy.