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  • Michael

    Do you wanna go for a ride ?? lolllll !!!!

  • Clara

    It’s awesome! Totally awesome !!

  • Karen

    If I would go diving like a dolphin, I think it would be fun! :-)

  • Sheena

    This pic is really funny! It seems like the man is riding on a Dolphin submarine lol

  • Tittery

    Weyyy!!! Seems like a fish.. :0

  • Liz

    Different design, like a Dolphin !!

  • Yoga Lee

    Really, eye catching !!!

  • Rahim Zafar

    Wow!! It’s amazing!! I think it just a Dolphin, OMG !!! But, in larger view I get surprised, when I see a man in sitting inside of it…!! Funny !!!

  • Allen

    Diving has never been this fun! lol..

  • Mr. Perfect

    At first I thought it was only a Dolphin… Then when I close closely I saw men! lol I don’t know what exactly it is! Very funny.. :-)