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Liam Hemsworth In A Fight Caught On Video

Liam Hemsworth beats up a man on the streets. TMZ caught the whole video.

Miley Cyrus’ fiance, Hemsworth, just left a bar Sunday morning with a friend when he confronted another man outside. He accused the man of throwing rocks at him and then started a fist fight with him.

In the video, the man clung to Liam’s leg as Liam punches fist into the guy’s face. He pushes the guy’s head down the asphalt while Liam’s friend held the guy down.

Does he have a bad temper or what?

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  • Jimmy

    Liam is man he had to defend himself.

  • carson

    Just some publicity thing.

  • Tittery

    Oh damn its the lame brother, for a second I thought Thor rocked somebody!

  • Clara

    I just saw the video. I did not a see a fight. just a guy laying on the ground. Liam didn’t even touch him.

  • Liz

    Wow, now I understand when stars say the media makes **** up sometimes.. what in the hell!!

  • Bresnan

    I saw the video… There was no fight just a guy hanging unto his legs..!