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Life-like Cardboard Box Cities

Check out these awesome life-like street scenes made out of cardboard and brown paper.

The photographs look like real cities and areas around the world. But looking with a keen eye, the miniature scenes are actually built out of cardboard.

The dioramas depict dimly lit cities and areas in London, New York, Mumbai, Paris and Tokyo. The cardboard art was created by artist and photographer Andy Rudak.

According to Rudak, each “city” took about a month to complete and cost around £ 5,000.

One of the scenes had been purchased by an advertising agency and the ones leftover will be torn down and recycled.

Rudak and his team have compiled a book of their projects and hope to tackle more ambitious projects in the future.

Check out the life-like photos here:

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  • Meski

    Awesome! His creativity is really attracting.

  • Clara

    Looks like a real 3rd world countries slum!

  • JhonX

    Really he is a genius artist!

  • Favio

    First look I think, it was a photograph of a slum!

  • LoliPop

    Really interesting!!