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Angry Jamaican Video – “My Light Bill Was $1.7 Million Dollars” (Jamaica)

A YouTube video depicting an angry man’s chronicle inside a Jamaica Public Service (JPS) office has become extremely popular and is being circulated on the social networking site, Facebook.

The almost four-minute video, which was shot by a customer using a cellular phone, shows a man who is irate because he received an electricity bill totalling $1.7 million.

The video, laced with expletives, shows the middle-aged man storming across the room as he vented.

“Mi a one a way labourer, all 10 o’ clock mi nuh done work … If mi did have an alternative me wouldn’t in yah, mi deh a work, yuh understand, cause a work me know bout and if yuh stop mi from work …a worries!”

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 1.02.57 PM

The bill, when inspected, showed that a balance of $1.5 million was brought forward while the current charge was $190,000.

“Mi hungry, mi a pay whole heap a tax ina dis …Yuh come a assume my business, my likkle business whey mi work so hard fi build,” he expressed.

By this time, the man had drawn the attention of almost everyone inside the packed office. Several of them expressed shock at the figure on the bill.

“Bombaat mi eye a hat mi, mi neva see a bill like that before,” a woman said.

“No sah, dis a thief, mi a put dis pan di Internet,” one man said.

“How him get dah bill deh, $1.7 million, yow!” another man said

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 1.02.13 PM

JPS Head of Corporate Communications, Winsome Callum said that she was unable to divulge much information because she is currently awaiting a written report.

She did, however, say, “The customer has been in discussion about the bill …There is a specific reason for this particular bill and he is aware.”

Meanwhile, she noted that it is a ‘private’ matter and the company prefers to deal with matters such as these on a ‘one-on-one basis’.

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  • Abigeal Roy

    I really don’t understand anything about the bill story

  • Micheal don

    There is a specific reason for this particular bill and he is aware,then anybody else should shut up their mouth.

  • Paloma Jack

    1.7 million for an electricity bill?