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Little Girl To Brother: ‘You Should Toughen Up A Bit’

This girl teaches her little brother a lesson.

The video shows Delilah, 4, giving her brother Gabriel, 2, a life lesson.

The video was posted by their parents Alex and Lee O’Donoghue. Lee said he caught the two talking while sitting on a bench after Gabriel got into a fight with an older boy.

Delilah was quick to sit by his side to tell her brother that this wasn’t a smart thing to do.

She goes on to say, “I’ll keep remembering you being about two and I’ll tell my friends that too.”

“You’re nearly three, you should toughen up a bit.”

Of course, little kids don’t like being lectured, so Gabriel hangs his head and fidgets as he looks away from his sister.

She continued tell him: ‘When Mum and Dad said you don’t do that, you don’t do that… and you don’t spit.’

Apparently, Gabriel had a playground fight with another boy where he spat on the boy.

“That boy’s old enough. You’re only two. You’re not old enough for that boy to… do a fight,” she says.

“That boy’s older than you. Maybe he’s nine or ten…or maybe eight.”

Delilah completed her lecture by saying: “Think about it, Gabriel. Think about it.”

How cute was that?

  • Nina Lee

    She was adorable!

  • Sue

    This girl was so intelligent! Her parents must be proud of her! :-)

  • Danica

    This is a proof that kids could act as an adult. It is cute!