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Little Girls Forced To Fight (VIDEO)

Two young girls were forced to fight by an older sibling.

The disturbing video of the young girls fighting in a New York City park was posted on YouTube and has prompted the police to investigate.

The police are now questioning two teenagers in connection with the video.

The mother of the 7-year-old girl wearing a black coat in the video recognized her daughter when the footage was shown in a news report.

She went to the police to tell them that it was her daughter who is seen crying at the end of the shocking video footage.

According to investigators, the teenage sister of the girl wearing white in the video initiated the fight between the two girls.


Police said the 17-year-old sister felt disrespected by the 12-year-old sister of the girl in the black when she accidentally bumped into her while picking up candy that was on the ground at Edgar Allan Poe Park in the Bronx.


The older teen wanted to punish the 12-year-old. And as her punishment she was to watch her 7-year-old sister get beat up in a forced fight.

The fight allegedly took place two months ago during the winter break. In the video, many of the onlookers cheered and egged the girls on to slap and punch each other.

Teenagers can be heard saying “slap her” as the two girls fought each other.

Police are still investigating and arrests could be made.

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  • Sarah Phil

    Very irresponsible thing to force teenagers to a fight.