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Man Dragged By Truck Calls 911

A man calls 911 while being dragged by a truck.

In this video, a man clung to the back of the pickup truck and was dragged for miles.

The driver and the man were in an argument supposedly over a woman. As the driver drove off with the woman in the truck, the man grabbed the back of the pickup truck.

The man managed to hang on even when the driver went to 40 miles per hour. He was also able to call 911.

The man told 911 that he is hanging on to a white pickup truck. You can hear the woman’s voice in the background.

However, the 911 call reveals that the argument was probably not so much about a woman. The man was heard yelling “I want my pills!”

The man was hurt with bruises. The driver was charged with assault because he threw a brick at the man.

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