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Man Dumps Water On Lawyer During Trial (PHOTO)

A man accused of first degree murder dumps water on his attorney saying “You sold me out!”

Jerome Power, 50, grabbed a cup of water and poured it over his lawyer’s head. The incident caught the judge and deputies off guard.

HIs attorney, Steve Addington, was representing him in his first-degree murder trial.

After dumping water on Addington, Power said, “It should have been a mistrial.”

“You sold me out!”

Power was accused of strangling Doris Bevins, 68, in her home on Sep. 19, 2010. Police found Powers still inside the home when they responded to the 911 call from Bevin’s friend.

As the jurors were leaving to start deliberations, Power grabbed the water and poured it on Addington. Most of the jurors were surprised and some stopped to see what was happening.

Whoah… not a good thing to do right in front of the jurors.

What do you think? Would the jurors doubt Power’s innocence after his actions?

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