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Father Kills Man Who Molested His Daughter

cop car A father killed the man who tried to molest his daughter. The Sheriff’s deputies in Texas would not file charges against the father.

At a social gathering on Saturday, the 4-year-old girl went inside the family’s home in Shiner while the rest of the family were outside tending to the horses, according to CNN.

The father caught the 47-year-old man who worked for his farm attempting to molest the little girl. The father allegedly punched the man in the head several times until he died.

To protect the daughter, her and the father’s names have been kept from reports.

The sheriff’s office will wait for a grand jury to decide if charges will be laid against the father.

“You have a right to defend your daughter,” he told CNN.

Residents in the town all agree that the father should not be charged.

According to the sheriff, the case will be submitted to the district attorney once the investigation is completed.

The father was remorseful of his actions and did not realize the abuser would die from his injuries.

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