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Guy Pees On Homeless Man (VIDEO)

Man urinates on homeless man on videoMan urinates on a homeless man and takes a video of it.

The video was taken outside of Toronto’s Eaton Centre shopping mall.

The video shows a man was lying on the ground when a young man approached him and urinated on his face. The victim doesn’t move from his position.

Other people in the background were laughing. Another man appears in the footage, laughing and pointing at the victim saying “It’s on his face.”

The video was uploaded by a user named Newstalk1010 on World Star Hip Hip’s website.

Toronto Police has launched an investigation. Urinating on the man constitutes assault.

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  • ToeTacTic

    Fucking cunt, in these situations…isn’t it right to fight back?

  • Soph


  • Patio Patty

    Wrong on SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many levels!