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Man Steals iPhone From Baby (VIDEO)

The man took the device from 20-month-old Luella Reid while she was watching cartoons on it.

Her mother, Danielle Hinnigan, gave the iPhone to her daughter so she can watch cartoons while they shopped. A middle-aged man wearing glasses noticed the little girl with the iPhone.

The man looks around to make sure no one is watching. Then, he bent over the stroller and took something from it.

Hinnigan came back and noticed the iPhone missing. At first she thought her daughter dropped it, but now surveillance camera shows that wasn’t the case.

Hinnigan believes she was followed by this man into the shop.

“He’s followed me into that shop; to think he has targeted my daughter is disgusting. Everyone is absolutely disgusted. Her dad was really angry and upset.”

Police believe that the man may have had a female accomplice who followed the mother and daughter into the store.

Cops are asking the public to contact them if anyone recognizes the man in the video.

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  • Lynne Smith

    good thing the baby is safe and not hut by the thief! What a shame people doing such a thing! They must be caught and put into jail!

  • Kelly Johnson

    I felt sorry for the baby! What a thief, it just a kid so that he find it easy to steal the iPhone! ;-(

  • Shey

    We should be careful always and keep our belongings not exposed. There are many opportunistic people in this world! They just want easy money out of innocent people!

  • Masum

    The theif is so tricky !!

  • Sheri

    Ohhh :( The poor thief, you can’t do it with a kid ;(