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Massacre at an Egypt football game

Viral videos and eyewitnesses described the violent clashes between fans of two rival football clubs.

Hundreds of supporters for both clubs, Al-ahy and al-Masry were badly injured in the attacks. The horrific turn of events after the game prompted game officials to suspend Egypt’s football premier league indefinitely.

Tensions were already building throughout the game. As soon as the whistle blew to signal the end the game, fans of Al-Masry home team stormed the pitch. Despite their 3-1 victory in the game, Al-Masry started violent attacks against rival Al-Ahy fans.

“The police did nothing to stop it,” Amr Khamis, an Ahly supporter told CNN after the match.

“Officers refused to open the gates of the stadium so we could not escape and had to face thousands of Al-Masry hooligans attacking with rocks, knives, swords and anything else you can imagine.”

Mamdouh Eid, executive manager of the Al-Ahly fans committee, also blamed officers. “The police stood there watching, and the ambulances arrived late. I carried several dead fans in my arms,” he said.

Many have speculated that this violent riot was political. Egypt has experienced a breakdown in security in the past months. Armed robberies, kidnappings and random killings have taken place across the country.

The Muslim Brotherhood believes that the police did not do anything to stop the riot because of a hidden agenda. They claim the police officers “may have punished the citizens for causing a revolution.”

Tensions had been high since the first anniversary of the January 25 uprising. The football massacre may stir up higher tension amongst all Egyptian citizens.