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Megaupload shut down: users face data deletion

This is what Megaupload users see when the website is accessed.

Megaupload was shut down on January 19. Over 150 million registered users will no longer be able to share files freely.

According to the U.S. Attorney office Megaupload data will be deleted as soon as Thursday. About 50 million users that had data could be deleted by the end of the week. Users who want to recover their legitimate data are asked to contact Megaupload.

Many users are upset with the actions of U.S. prosecutors. After the shutdown, a Megaupload user tweeted saying, “I’m vehemently against copyright infringement: the files I lost were created & owned by me for my job.”

The U.S. prosecutor’s letter said “It is our understanding that the hosting companies may begin deleting the contents of the servers beginning as early as 2 February.”

Megaupload’s lawyer, Ira Rothken stated he was “cautiously optimistic” that the data could be saved from being wiped out. He added that the information stored in these hosting companies could help with the Megaupload’s defence.

U.S. authorities are seeking to extradiate founder, Kim Dotcom a.k.a Kim Schmitz and three other defendants from New Zealand. They are accused of copyright infringement which they claim cost copyright holders over $500 million in lost revenue.

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