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Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA (PHOTO GALLERY)

Melissa King has become an internet sensation after a sex tape of her was leaked online.
Melissa_King_Miss_Delaware_Teen_USA Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 1 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 2 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 3 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 4 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 5 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 6 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 8 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 9 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 10 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 11 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 12 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 13 Miss-Delaware-Teen-US-Melissa-King 14

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  • Dave

    that’s so NOT HER

  • Derick

    I surely don’t understand what is wrong with our celebrities they are always so disappointing

  • Sarah Phil

    At-least they could have given us the whole story and not only pictures

  • Harry David

    This celebrities always end up messing up their reputation

  • Charles Manson

    She’s gorgeous but of course her reputation will be tainted.
    But then again Kim Kardashian got away with it