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Michelle Clark: “Kapooya” Viral Video

“Kapooya” woman becomes internet viral sensation.

After a hail storm hit southeast Texas, a woman interviewed by a local TV station about the storm has become an internet sensation.

A reporter went to Brookshire, Texas to cover the damage the hail storm left in the area. The reporter talked to Brookshire resident, Michelle Clark.


Clark’s reaction to the hail storm has quickly became a YouTube hit.

“Soon as I posted on my Facebook it’s a ‘kapooya, kapooya, and boy that hail just came in. I looked out, I opened my door and looked out my door and it hit me in the head,” Clark told the camera. “We had a hail party at two o’clock this morning, everybody was outside. Man, those chunkers was big, size of a quarter, dog gone. They were big, they were hitting hard too, man. Look at this, here in Brookshire, Texas. Man, it’s like snowing in March.”

“Kapooya” hash tags have already popped up on Twitter and the video of Clark has been viewed over 5 million times.

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