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Mini Cooper Drives On Water (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

A special edition convertible Mini makes a splash in Massachussetts.

Mini revealed a car that can be driven on water.

The convertible Mini boat is power by a 6hp outboard motor and is a fiberglass version of 2004’s Mini hard-top.

The car’s fiberglass body is mounted on a boat hull.

The car still features the same Mini accessories from before. It has the same wheels, tires, headlights, steering wheel and grille.

The Mini boat was built for Mini USA’s annual Motor-Tober activities which celebrates all that is “fun about it’s brand.”

The theme for this year’s program is the “Not Normal Sales Event” and the Mini boat is Mini USA’s take on “Not Normal.”

No word if its actually a car that Mini will sell to consumers.

Would you get a Mini boat?

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  • JhonX

    Great invention.

  • Yoga Lee

    CAR cum Boat! Great!!

  • Gracia

    Where I need to contact with to purchase this one? lol XD

    • Dell stein

      Contact with me.. lolz

  • Favio

    Hope I’ll buy this one soon 😉 lol..

  • Dell stein

    Wow!! Nice one!