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Miss BumBum Pageant Brazil (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

The bums are coming to South America!

No, not the homeless…. Brazil is hosting its “Miss BumBum” pageant with 27 of the most cheekiest contestants. And by cheeky we mean their backsides.

Contestants cover their face with a mask while their butts are practically naked in bikini thongs.

The first round of the contest is decided through online votes. Basically anyone can vote for the ones they want.

Once the 27 contestants are dwindled down to 15, the women travel to Sao Paolo for the ‘Grand Finale.’

The winner from the 15 remaining contestants are chosen by judges.

Last year’s winner, model Rosana Ferriera took the crown and the £3000 prize money.


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  • Francis

    Wow big booties! This pageant is just for fun, and this girls loved to be make fun of. lol

  • Michal

    Where are the black bitches?

  • Norbert

    holy shit that gave me a huge boner

  • Shasta

    Anything is a pageant nowadays

  • Sean

    I think it would be hard to choose for a winner! :-)

  • Lovina

    I envy them big booties.. so sexy…

  • Don

    All those firm asses. Brazil!

  • James

    Brazilian women are the best on the planet and this is proof. Anyone gonna disagree?

  • Mariann

    Where are the black bitches?

  • Jones

    Ahhhh!!! The beauty of Brazil !