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Miss Pole Dance Colombia Championships (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Pole Dancers battle it out for Colombia’s National Pole Dance Championships this week.

Thirty of the best pole dancers vie for the title of Miss Pole Dance Colombia.

The competition is only in its second year, but the competition is fierce.

Check out the pole dancers photos below. Who do you think will win the title?

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  • Stacy

    I love pool dancing! I wish I could see this competition in full video! :-) This site is really amazing! You have great post..

  • Sean

    They are hot and very competitive! I do not know which one would win, all are amazing!

  • Allen

    Wow.. Pool dancing competition! It is wonderful.. It is hard to chose who will they are all good!

  • Tim Clerk

    Nice !! I’m a crazy fan of The Pole Dance!!