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Moby Dick novel written on toilet paper up for sale

Recently added to the smorgasbord of Ebay quirky auctions, six rolls of toilet paper are being sold at a price of $999.95. And we thought Cottonelle was pretty expensive.

Now, this is not your ordinary toilet paper. It has the entire text of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick typewritten on all 4 and a half rolls.

The fact that the classic novel is a feature of this typically wasteful product is what made the seller feel he/she can sell the toilet paper for that much. Somehow someone had the time to sit around and type approximately 211,000 words on all the rolls of toilet paper. According to Anderson Copper, at a typing speed of approximately 40 words per minute, it would have taken 80 hours to complete this task. The makers definitely had a lot of time on their hands.

Perhaps this might be a new generation of light bathroom reading where bringing a magazine would become unnecessary.

The auction has not received any bids yet since the report.

  • Hussain

    Great work !! But, the price should be more :(