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‘Mole Man’ To Get Birthmark Removed For Free

A man from China known as the ‘Mole Man’ wants to remove birthmarks that has made his life miserable.

Zhang Hongming from Chongqing, China suffers from giant pigmented nevus, a rare genetic disorder.

He was born with tiny black moles with hair. He has never been able to get treatment because he could not afford it.

Since he was eight years old, the black birthmark began to grow fur. He said he was mocked by people since then.

“Each time I see people whisper around me, I would run away.”

Hua Mei Plastic Surgery Hospital has agreed to provide free treatment the birthmark. He has already received the first six procedures to remove the moles.

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  • Anonymous

    Dont remove it! Hes the missing link from monkey and man!