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Mother Billed For Cleanup After Son Killed By Drunk Driver

mother of victim who was killed by illegal drunk driverA mother was told to pay to clean up his son’s blood after he was killed by a drunk driver.

Loretta Robinson was still grieving the loss of her son when she started receiving bills to pay for towing the car, having the vehicle removed, and to clean up her son’s blood on the street. In addition to that, she had to pay for storing the car in case it goes to trial.

Even though her son, Justin Walker, was found not at fault in the accident Robinson was required to pay by the State.

She did receive some money from South Carolina State Office of Victims Assistance, but it was not enough to pay for everything.

The accused drunk driver, 17-year-old Anna Gonzalez, has pleaded guilty to the charges last Tuesday.

The controversy surrounding this is that Gonzalez is an illegal immigrant who has been living in the United States for 12 years. She never got a license, but was driving drunk the day of the accident.

Robinson told WYFF that the U.S. needs “to figure out a way with people here who are illegal and commit crimes.”