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Mother Eats Rotten Mouse From Sandwich

A mother eats a dead mouse from a chicken sandwich.

Katie Crabtree purchased the sandwich at a supermarket. She was so hungry that she didn’t think of inspecting the sandwich first. She expected it to be fresh and safe after all.

The 31-year-old mother of two was horrified when she saw a ‘furry object’ in the sandwich after swallowing bits of it. She thought it was a piece of burnt bacon.

She described the object as “black and had hair… and had a little paw”

She complained to the store, but she felt she was ignored at first. She emailed the head office about the incident and after several complaints, they finally responded.

The supermarket company gave her a £10 voucher.

Crabtree feels that a voucher isn’t good enough. She argues that the store should find out what happened to the sandwich. She insists an investigation should be done.

The supermarket sent her an apology letter and said they were investigating the matter with their supplier.

  • Lovina

    I would probably screaming if that happens to me! I am afraid of rats and to find them in my food? Well it creates a disaster! That supermarket should be investigated and must be sued if proven that they are liable for the incidence.

  • Sheena

    Voucher really won’t enough! You might get Leptospirosis upon eating that dead rat on a sandwich! Your health is at risk! I wonder how they prepare that food. This issue should not be ignored and need further investigation.

    • Adam Kimberlin

      Huh.. Voucher ?? I know this lady must have to go hospital for that and she can’t eat food for a several days.

      • Keti

        Absolutely right.

  • Wilma


    • Watson

      errrrrrrrkkkkk, bloody superstore…

  • Keti

    OMG!! Dead mouse in Sandwich ?? eeeeee…
    The superstore manager should be punished for that.

    • Knijov Dimitri

      Agree with you. Manager should be punished.