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Mother Leaves Babies In Rolling Car

woman being interviewedA mother left her 6-month-old twins in a rolling car while running an errand.

She talked to reporters saying that it was a moment of bad judgement on her part.

“Thank goodness that they are okay,” she said.

Natalie Akselrod, 36, has been charged with child endangerment. If convicted, she can can get between 5 to 10 years prison sentence.

Police say that the she left the car in neutral while she ran inside a pharmacy. A witness saw that there were babies in the car. The witness was able to stop the van and then took the babies out of the car to make sure they were okay.

Akselrod explained the circumstances of her actions to reporters. She said that one of the babies was in the emergency room all night and has not slept. She said the baby finally fell asleep after a long night so she decided to leave the babies in the car while she runs an errand inside the pharmacy.

Her attorney is trying to get the charges dropped.

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