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Woman Drinks her Pee and Bathes in it – My Strange Addiction

TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” featured a woman convinced that her pee has healing powers.

She not only drinks the yellow stuff she also brushes her teeth and bathes in it. She even rinses her eyeballs with it.

The 53-year-old, woman named Carrie had been drinking her pee for 4 years. She says this is part of a health regiment that is helping control her cancer.

She claims that she hasn’t seen a doctor in 6 years as a result of pee-drinking habit.

Yet she’s concerned about a mole that turns from dark to light located on her back.

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  • Jonathon

    I think she is gonna mad.

  • Maria

    There are a lots medicine value in the urine AKA pee. This woman says, she drinks it for healing herself and she also said that, it can protect herself from Cancer. So, there is no doubt that, she knows anyway about the usefulness of drinking her own urine. But I still confused, why she getting bath with it?? Is there anything else??

  • Cooldude

    Scared for life

  • Poop

    cool spelling KRAMZY17

  • KRAMZY17

    wtf is wrong with this how and who had the rte mind to fuck this lady and  HAVE A DAUHTER

    • Clara

      Hey, where are you from man?? Are you “Pom Gana” ??? lolzzzzzzzzz

  • Jasmine Britton