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Naked Therapist Makes You More Honest (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

A therapist sheds her clothes to help patients be more “honest.”

Sarah White, who has a degree in Psychology, charges $150 per hour for naked therapy sessions. Some of her sessions are over the web.

The first few sessions are conducted via one way webcam and then the next sessions are two-way Skype cams.

White admits that she is not a licensed therapist. She says she uses the “power of arousal” to help patients gain more control of their life.

Critics say it is soft porn not therapy.

What do you think of naked therapy?

Check out the naked therapist photos here:

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  • Pablo Montes

    Personally I don’t think naked therapy would be any beneficial but who cares you get to see her naked

  • treyzimmer

    She’s hot. I wouldn’t mind getting therapy from her