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Naked Woman Walking On California Highway

A naked woman walks on a California freeway.

A woman started walking in the fast lane of the freeway. Cars swerved to the side of the highway in order to avoid hitting the woman.

One motorist noticed the woman, so they turned on their cellphone cameras on and took a video of the woman.

According to witnesses, the woman was involved in an accident. They soon noticed the woman coming out of her car and started stripping her clothes off. Then she started walking towards to oncoming traffic in the highway.

Police were notified of the incident. They were able to get a hold of the woman. She was sent to a hospital for an assessment on her mental-health.

naked woman walking on California highway

  • Chris Benison

    I feel sorry for that woman… I hope she get well soon..

  • Jane

    I wonder how it feels to walk in a highway naked! Whoahhhh I cannot carry that! lol

  • Ramon

    It isn’t the latest news as I’ve seen it in 6th July on youtube :(

    • Eden

      Really? or just this is another case? lol..

  • Bolt

    She might be forget to wear her dress after bath, lolll!!!

  • Anthony

    She must be sexy! lol… but no woman with a healthy mind would walk to the highway naked!

  • Lauren Swift

    The mental problem nowadays had increased! Let just help those people and understand them.

  • Madeline

    That woman has serious mental problem! Doctors would really help her. Thanks for the police who respond right away!

  • Karen

    OMG if I am the one who would see a woman naked in the highway I probably do not know what to do! :-)

  • Mae

    I think that woman has no concerned relatives. Why they let her leave the house like that?

  • Hillary

    Thanks police acted right away! That woman really needs help..