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Naked Yoga For Men (VIDEO)

Naked yoga is on the rise in Edmonton, Canada.

Shanti Yoga Studios in downtown Edmonton offers a men-only class that requires yogis to take off their clothes during practice. According to a class instructor, being naked during class gives a more “psychologically fulfilling experience”.


Instructor, Chris McBain, told CTV that being nude can be about “naturalism” and “for other people it’s just a bucket list endeavour”.

McBain explains that naked yoga helps conquer people’s fears.

“Yoga itself is a great physical activity and has many benefits,” McBain told CBC.


“When you’re engaging a challenge for yourself, it’s a little intimidating but when you confront that challenge, it can take on a lot of self-confidence.”

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  • Dorrin

    Am sure even if they did practice with their cloths on, everything could have okey

  • Ashami

    Am so surprised to see men nude we are used to seeing ladies.

  • Annabel

    Naked yoga for men, that is unheard of.

  • Mercilinna

    Doing practices nude, that’s ridicules.