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Nebraska Woman’s Homophobic Rant Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A graphic anti-gay rant went viral in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community during a non-discrimination ordinance proposal hearing in Lincoln, Nebraska

The video features Jane Svoboda denouncing the “Fairness Ordinance” which adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s non-discrimination law. At the same time stating her own bizarre facts about the LGBT community.

She says:

“P-E-N-I-S goes into the anus to rupture intestines. The more a man does this, the more likely he’ll be a fatality or a homicider.”

She continued by saying “a huge percent of gay men in school grounds molest boys, partly because they don’t have AIDS yet.”

She also uses Hillary Clinton’s name to prove her point. Hillary Clinton had a gay woman for a college roommate for four years. Svoboda claims that to avoid becoming gay “like Clinton did, college students need single rooms and single gender dorms. A college woman is seduced with illegal Rophynol to go gay.”

She goes on to say “Jesus was kissed by Judas, a homo, who tried to sabotage Jesus’ kind ideas. Do you choose Jesus, a celibate or Judas, a homo? You have to choose!”

According to the Lincoln Journal Star, Svoboda suffers from schizophrenia and lives at an assisted-living facility in Lincoln. Her brother is her conservator.

The city council in Lincoln is will vote on the fairness amendment on May 14.

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  • Hannah Garrett

    i couldnt stop laughing at the guy behind her xD