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Kate Upton Sexy Vogue Shoot 2012 (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

The vivacious Kate Upton is posing for the November issue of Vogue. Kate wasn’t always into high fashion but rather started off as a swimsuit model and ‘dove’ into this industry. She believes in eating right, exercising and sleeping not having that ‘starved’ look. The michigan native considers her competitive nature to be passed down from her Mother’s side. Kate sets out to accomplish what she starts.

She is an all American girl and a great role model.

Here is a video of her Vogue shoot:

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  • Bresnan

    She looks great in clothes and a one piece suit. She has a weird body for a bikini.

  • JhonX

    Hands down the sexiest model on the market right now!

  • Dell stein

    Finally a curvy figure graces the pages of fashion.

  • Mark Fuller

    I think Ms.Upton will become an icon figure (no pun intended – and yes, she is certainly famous now – but I mean Marylin or Raquel status) – but those shoes are so wrong …

  • Maria

    She seems gorgeous inside and out.

  • Jones

    Stunning young woman/model!