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Newtown Victim’s Sister Writes Letter To Obama

Natalie Barden, 10, whose brother, Daniel, died at the Sandy Hook tragedy wrote a letter to the President about gun control.

Daniel Barden died at Sandy Hook Elementary School
Daniel Barden died at Sandy Hook Elementary School

In a letter to President Obama, Natalie wrote:

“My name is Natalie Barden and I wanted to tell the president that only police officers and the military should get guns. If people want to do it as a sport than they could go to shooting range and the guns would not be able to leave there.”

Anderson Cooper read her letter on air Tuesday night at Daniel Barden’s wake.

The letter was given to Cooper by Lillian Bittman, former Chair of the Newtown Board of Education.

“This was [Natalie’s] little way of making a difference… It’s helping her heal, because now she can make Daniel’s life count for something and try to get this to the president and then hopefully to Congress and everyone else,” Bittman said.

Natalie Barden's family on Katie Couric's show
Natalie Barden’s family on Katie Couric’s show

Natalie’s family met Obama. She and her brother James wanted to express their concern about what happened and hope the President could do something about it.

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  • paul

    Those culprits must be apprehended and brought to book.

  • Xavi

    Hearing the cry from that young girl the government should do something.

  • Robert

    If everybody was thinking like this girl, We would be living in a better world

  • George

    We express our feelings in the best way possible,Girl you did it congratulations.

  • Alexanda Rao

    What a courageous girl we have here keep it up girl.

  • Bradon

    Yes i support this young,only security officers should carry guns