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Nicki Minaj American Idol Judge?

Nicki Minaj posing for photos on the red carpetSources say that Nicki Minaj received the green light from ‘American Idol’ producers to be one of the judges for next season’s show.

Reps for FOX did not comment when contacted by media outlets.

Nicki Minaj had been causing a stir since the beginning of the year. Her Grammy performance featured Catholic imagery and she walked on the red carpet with a man dressed like the pope.

To top if off, she performed live for Good Morning America last May where her left boob popped out of her tank top. Was it a wardrobe malfunction? Probably not.

Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez announced their departure two months ago. Mariah Carey is said to fill of the empty seats and if all this is true, Nicki Minaj will be filling in the other.

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