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Nicki Minaj Cusses Out Mariah Carey (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj goes on a swearing rampage on diva Mariah Carey during the North Carolina auditions.

Cat fights between two divas are awesome to see, isn’t it?

What was the spat about? Sources say the two singers hate each other even arguing about if a contestant could sing or not.

Randy Jackson tried to control the situation by calling a time out, but that doesn’t stop Nicki Minaj.

And as we can see in the video, Keith Urban sits there not knowing what to do. He took an earful on both sides.

TMZ says Nicki Minaj may be the best thing that ever happened to American Idol. If it wasn’t for her, this season’s American Idol could just be another boring season.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey sitting in the judges panel during auditions

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  • Lauren Swift

    I think Nicki Minaj has been too harsh with Mariah Carey. She should not act like that.

  • Teddy

    Well without Nicki Minaj American Idol would be boring! lol

  • Marsha Sanchez

    Me too, I do not like Minaj… She has an attitude problem I think.

  • Unnamed

    Look at her face, it seems she always try to quarrel with others.

  • Elly

    Disgusting >;< I hate this girl….

  • Sheri

    What she did, it’s no matter for me as I love her !!!

  • Rahim Zafar

    Abusive behavior from her !! Not expected :(

  • Yoga Lee

    I hate her all the times !! She is a bad woman I think >_<

  • Ripper G

    Ahhh!! Minaj, you are too naughty 😉