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  • Rikki Heinis

    Sick show. Why would she put on a show like this when there are plenty of other (much better) ideas that she could have put forth? This is just pathetic and disturbing.

  • chezfoster1995

    that was terrible! no talent at all.


    That had Illuminati written all over it

  • katria “scholar” conaway

    this was artistic expression i have my own mind i dont have to be her if i chose not to evryone calm down!

  • KELITO17

    it offended me and disgusted me. she’s pathetic and untalented. to have to resort to these measures is repulsive. You didn’t see whitney doing this junk b/c she didn’t have too!!! These ugly witches(madonna, GAGA, spears, and of course minaj)are talentless, UGLY loosers who sold their souls for fame and money and are what young girls have to look up to today. it’s disgusting.

    • T Diggity

      Who ya tryin to convince there, eh?

  • Mywebsite13

    This doesn’t make sense. Stupid hoes these days.

  • asdfjkl;

    Offended? Not I. It’s just artistic expression. I pray, I believe in God, but, it didn’t offend me.

  • Malika Menici

    Just like that Madonna half bowl show. Creepy, dark, full of blatant occult stuff. Black and red and white colors up the yin yang, demons, hell, yadda yadda…Makes you wonder, if you have half a brain, what the hell the is going on. I know it’s art, and I support artistic endeavors, but satan and such? Black masses? Etc?There seems to be a theme developing. Think.

  • Bethtista

    That wasnt even interesting.

  • Nrockout

     Lol got taken down…

    • Fresh Til Death

      Just put up another version. Yea All of them are getting taken down from YouTube fast…