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Home > Uncategorized > Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving (Official Video)
  • Terross

    I wonder who was she giving thanks to?fellow children or the maker

  • Sofia

    It was good for her to remind us the importance of thanksgiving.

  • Dan lee

    This young one really tried,keep it up.

  • Leo

    Is it just a trend now? People try to make the worst songs possible.

  • Adam Kimberlin

    This song is very good! NOT

  • Gracia

    I love thanksgiving and all but WTF is this?…

  • Clara

    If it’s Thanksgiving where are these kids’ parents?

  • Virat

    These idiots forgot Halloween.

  • Duncun

    I like the idea of a Thanksgiving song, but….no!!

  • Fatema

    It’s really awesome!