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Nikki Minaj Walks Out Of American Idol (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj walks out of the American Idol auditions after an argument with AI judges.


It seems there’s a growing animosity among all the AI judges and not just between Minaj and Mariah Carey.

The AI Charlotte, N.C. audition episode aired last night with Minaj storming out of the auditions.

Twenty year old, Summer Cunningham, who sang “Lean On Me” in her audition, was at the centre of Minaj recent tantrum.

It started of when Cunningham told Keith Urban that she “had already done the country thing” and that she wanted to pursue soulful country music instead. Urban, who seemed annoyed by her answer, replied “It’s like saying I did the brain surgeon thing. Either you’re a brain surgeon or you’re not.”

Randy Jackson said he could see Cunningham “doing the country thing” more than anything else while Carey pointed out that her answer made Urban “mad.”

Although the three judges said yes to Cunningham, Minaj had to have the last word.

“For a minute I thought it was a country music debate. Why are we picking her apart because of a country comment?” said Minaj.

“You guys make comments about everybody in popular music all day. Not you Keith… Randy and Mariah.”

(camera pans to Cunningham) Awkward….

Minaj believes that Jackson and Carey were scaring Cunningham into lying about the type of music she wants to pursue.

Then Jackson said he was giving the young girl some “insights” into the music industry that he has worked in for so many years. Minaj quickly jumped on his comment by saying “Oh, you’re right. I’m sorry I can’t help her.” Then she pushed her chair back and dramatically walked out of the audition room.

Some people say that Nicki Minaj has actually made American Idol much more interesting this year. Do you think people are probably going to watch who will win the next face-off between the judges instead of the contestants.

What do you think?

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  • Sheri

    Good decision :(

  • Elly

    Nobody wants to see there a plastic looking Barbie, huh!

  • Liz

    Monkey Minaj is disgusting.

  • Irena

    Nicki Minaj should grow up and be real leave the getto life Behind >_<

  • Povoloski

    What lyrical talent does Nicki have. All she does is rap and growl

  • Maria

    What the hell is talentless waste of space Nicki Minaj doing telling people if they have talent or not?…I have shoes more talented than her!