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No Pants Day In Subway Stations Around The World (PHOTOS)


Train commuters around the world took part in No Pants on the subway.

Passengers took their pants off in London, Berlin, and Stockholm for the 13th annual No Pants Day.



No Pants started out as a prank, but has now become a global event.

Pant-less commuters braved the weather to participate in this annual phenomenon. Despite the cold weather they still went out and took their pants off.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 10.28.26 AM

The goal is to keep their pants off the whole time while keeping a straight face. Although, commuters had no pants on, they were still wearing winter clothes such as hats, scarves and coats.

The pant-less craze started in 2002 where a few New York pranksters decided to take their pants off in a subway train.

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  • Rayan

    I hope they sanitized those seats afterwards.

  • Maria

    Disgusting stupid behavior, no thanks we don’t want it in UK :(

  • Clara

    Why? It’s not witty, amusing or attractive so why bother?

  • Gracia

    Anything that annoys the grumpy old farts is fine with me.

  • Bresnan

    In most cases bolstering the argument for wearing at least kilts.

  • Xamption

    Good gracious wouldn’t know where to look! Have to be careful if strap hanging!

  • William

    Huh!! What a manner!!

  • Dorothy

    I wonder what is happening to the world? Everything is up side down