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Notre Dame Linebacker Had Fake Girlfriend

A Notre Dame linebacker thought his girlfriend died, but he allegedly had been a victim of a hoax

Manti Te’o’s girlfriend dying of leukaemia inspired him to play better and help the Fighting Irish get to the Discover BCS National Championship. However, his girlfriend dying was a hoax that some suggest was carried out against Te’o.

011613manti_dngnk found out that Te’o’s girlfriend, Lennay Kukua, never existed.

On December 26, Te’o and his parents informed Notre Dame that Te’o had been a victim of a hoax when someone created a fictitious name and then led him to believe that she died of leukemia.

Some say that it was Te’o who perpetrated this hoax to get national attention, but Te’o insists that he was the victim.

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  • Adam Kimberlin

    So now a teammate says he had a local girlfriend…. but still was a victim?

  • Tittary

    Oh yeah, right a sick girlfriend to whom you never sent a card, visited or even attended her funeral!

  • Millicent

    I feel sorry 4 Notre for being deceived