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Nun Steals Beer (VIDEO)

A Sister was caught in the act.The nun was captured on surveillance video stealing beer.

The Sister was seen walking towards the fridge. She stops and grabs one from inside. She looks around to check if anyone was looking then she quickly hid the bottle in her habit.

nun grabbing beer from store's fridge
The nun grabs the beer from the fridge
nun hides the beer in her robe
She then hides the beer in her habit

She then goes to another fridge and grabs a bottle of water. Before leaving the store, she goes to the first fridge and makes off with another beer.

The video was posted on Youtube over the weekend. However, many say the nun is fake and the whole footage was a prank.

What do you think?

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  • Pia

    A nun or a real thief? LOL I would not believe this kind of prank!

  • Nina Lee

    OMG.. if this is true, this nun could be crazy!

  • Karen

    I think this video is really a prank! No nun could steal just for a beer! LOL

  • Hillary

    Look the video closely, It seems that it is a man, in disguise to be a nun! :-0

    • Lyssa

      Oh it might be! I could see also the way she moves seems like a man!

  • Dannah

    I don’t think so a nun could do this kind of stuff! This video is really a prank.