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  • Karen

    Well nurses nowadays are more versatile than old ones! lol

  • Francis

    :-) I have seen many nurses, not all looking fat in the reality!

  • JhonX

    Really funny! But Present young nurses are exceptional than older one and they are looking hot 😉

  • Lynne Smith

    Well I think nurses could no longer go obese like that! due to their heavy work and stress… :-) neither too hot as expected because they do not matter being sexy. They think of how hey could offer quality care to their patients.

  • Kelly Johnson

    Well I think what the outside appearance is not a thing you should bother. You must be bothered if this nurses intervention in health care is quite different from expected!

  • Shey

    Oh no! Not all nurses as hot as what we expected, but their service is totally what we expect! that’s the reality..

  • Masum

    But, I know a nurse who has a great figure like the 1st one 😉

  • Daniel

    Always we think that, a nurse will be a sexy figured young girl. But, the real truth is nurse aren’t like that :(

  • Adam Kimberlin

    Ahhh.. Really :( It’s soo sad but true :(