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Octomom Reported to Child Services

Nadya Suleman’s hairstylist reported the alleged horrendous living conditions she allows her 14 kids to live with to the Orange County Department of Family and Children Services.

The La Habra Police Department was also notified of the complaints against Octomom.

According to the hairstylist, the house is in shambles. She claims to have seen only one working toilet, kids pooping on portable training toilets in their bedrooms or outside, kids appearing to be malnourished, and saw Nadya locking her kids in a bedroom.

In a video obtained by TMZ, a cop and 3 Children’s Services workers went into Octomom’s home. You can hear Nadya say, “Excuse the graffiti.”

After an hour and a half inside the home, the authorities left. According to TMZ reports, the kids were not removed from the home since the authorities determined they were not in danger.

However, there will be a follow-up visit from Children’s Services.

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