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Odd Couples Kissing (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Ever since the Go Daddy ad featuring Bar Rafaeli kissing a geek, bizarre kissing between odd couples had been popping up everywhere.

Jeanne Moos reported for CNN that Jay Leno even asked Bar Rafaeli to recreate the ad with him. But as Jay closed his eyes, Bar sends the geek to kiss him.


From Justin Bieber kissing a mannequin’s head in Jimmy Fallon’s show and then using it as a basketball to Will Farrell kissing an older woman on a bus for a Super Bowl ad for Old Milwaukee Beer, these odd couple kissing are becoming a trend.



In the “Today Show” Willie Geist was presenting a segment on Flavored Lip Balm from Forbidden Passion. Two of their flavours were Peaches and Cream. A representative from Forbidden Passion explains that the idea is that one person puts on peaches and another puts on cream. When they kiss, it creates “peaches and cream”.

Willie Geist and Al Roker demonstrated the theory during the show.


So are there other odd couples you can think of?

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  • Emillo jons

    They are really in love

  • Dalumas Nick

    What is the meaning of those pictures? Are they gay or what?