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Pakistani Minister Offers Bounty On Anti-Islam Filmmaker

The man behind the anti-Muslim film that sparked riots is in hiding.

A Pakistan government minister has offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who kills the man who made the film.

Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmad Bilour told CNN that he has placed the bounty on the filmmaker, but made it clear that he was speaking for himself and not for the government.

CNN asked Bilour if he was concerned about condoning a crime as a government official. Bilour said, “I am a Muslim first, then a government representative.”

He also said that he’s called upon the Taliban and al Qaeda to carry out the assassination.

A spokesman for Bilour’s political party, said that his actions did not represent the Awami National Party’s belief.

“We believe in nonviolence. How could we make such announcements?” Senator Zahid Khan said.

“Our party has been fighting against militancy and extremism for years. How could we invite Taliban and al Qaeda to kill someone? Taliban and al Qaeda are our enemies who have killed our loved ones.”

“We have lots of concerns over the statement of our colleague,” Khan said.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has condemned the bounty offered by Bilour according to his spokesman on Sunday.

The prime minister will discuss Bilour’s actions with the head of the Awami National Party.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man who is allegedly behind the anti-Islam film, has left his family home in California and is in hiding.

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  • Mahbub

    Good offer by the minister. I think the filmmaker of “Innocence of Muslims” is a full mad man. No one can hate other religion except only the mad and some fanatic guys. All the religion says about peace but in my views none of the people of the different religions maintain that. If we are maintain and walk through the way then, I believe we can make a better place for living. This world will be a paradise then. But alas, It’s just my dream. No one can do this as the evil being always work with us and when we try to do some good work, then the bloody evil comes up and make our strait ways to a curve way and we think good works always with in a curve was. So, firstly we have to work for to remove the evil being from us and if we try to do so, we’ll see then the good things in the right way. I’m too sorry for my long post. Hope all will try to do some good work instead of hating the other religion. God bless you all.

  • Rahim Zafar

    Masum, you are quite right. I think, it was a dark moment for both of us. But, friend believe me, I’m not like that. I’m really peace lover…

    • Masum

      Believe? I can’t believe any Pakistani. Sorry to say that :(

      • Mark Fuller

        Hey guys (Rahim and Masum).. Please stop. You guys are going out of circle. Please come on the topic. Thanks

  • Sheena

    The Pakistani minister maybe carried away by his emotions. Muslims have been insulted by that film, but it is too much to pay for killing someone.

  • Louie

    I believe that if you are a respected person in the government you should control your temper. I know that the movie shows disrespect to the Muslims., but it is too much to indulge killing someone. Life is a meaningful gift, it should not be taken away easily for a bounty of money.

    • Favio

      Yeah, you are right anyway.

  • Hussain

    I think it’s right behave by the minister as this movie maker insult all the Muslims..

  • Mark Fuller

    The Pakistani people are always quarrelsome. So, it’s not a surprising speech from them..

    • Rahim Zafar

      How can you know that, Pakistani peoples are quarrelsome?? I’m from there, I don’t find any reason, why you guys are trying to Poke us??? We don’t want to quarrel with anyone as we believe in peace. So, please make sense. Don’t insult others.

      • Masum

        Pakistanis are peace lover ?? Huh.. You make me lol man !!
        Do you know about the war of 1971 ? You guys were killing 30,00000 innocent peoples of Bangladesh. The poor Bangalies were do nothing. They just want there rights. But the “Peace Lover” Pakistani killed them. They know that, the majority percent of Bangalies were also Musilm. So, why they killed the Muslims as they claim themselves as a pure Muslim ??

        • Rahim Zafar

          Hey Masum, yeah I know about the war. I think it wasn’t right then. But, Did only Pakistanis killed Bangali people?? Didn’t you??? I can remember that, you the Bangladeshi people killed thousands of Pakistani in the war. So ???

          • Masum

            You still live in the world of fool man !! It’s not call Killing it’s called “Protect”. When you guys were killing us spontaneously, then we have do nothing but killing your bloddy soldiers. I think it’s a one kind of “Protest” too.

  • Maria

    Muslims are the peace loving people. So, this Pakistani minister shouldn’t act like a godfather.