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Paralympian Oscar Pistorius Charged With Murder

Paralympian, Oscar PIstorius, had been charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Steenkamp, 30, was found in Pistorius’ home which is located on the outskirts of Pretoria in South Africa. Officers reportedly found a 9mm pistol at the scene.


According to USA Today, police spokesperson Captain Sarah Mcirca confirmed that Steenkamp was shot in the arm and the head.

At this time police are interviewing neighbors as to what they may have seen or heard before or during the shooting.

Steenkamp was a 30-year-old law school grad and model. She had been dating Pistorius for several months.


Oscar Pistorius, 26, is the first double amputee to run in the Olympics. He’s been nicknamed the “Blade Runner” since he wears carbon fiber prosthetic blades.


Pistorius ran 11 races during the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. He came home with 2 Paralympic gold medals, Paralympic silver, two world records, a Paralympic record, an Olympics individual semi-final and an Olympic final. People magazine named him one of the “sexiest men alive.”

The South African Olympic committee did not want to comment on the shooting due to the ongoing investigation. However, the committee issued this statement:

The South African Olympic committee said it would be inappropriate to comment on the shooting because of the ongoing police investigation, but issued the following statement: “The organization is in no position to comment on the incident other than to say our deepest sympathy and condolences have been expressed to the families of all concerned.”

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  • Julia lucy

    How cruel can human being be some time? how did this man have the courage to kill his girlfriend? this terrible

  • Sarah Phil

    I don,t think that Pistorius is that stupit to kill his girlfriend and keep her in his house,This must be a set up

  • Dalumas Nick

    How sure that Oscar is the one who killed his girlfriend?

  • Abigeal Roy

    I wonder what happens to our heroes, they are always in mess and we are left with no one to envy, It is very sad