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  • Shayla=cool girl 101

    Why would anyone do that I mean you want your kids not to do bad stuff and then later you wonder why they are in jail when as a kid this is what they see. I mean I agree that if they are going to beat someone beat up your husband and in public really? Plus why would anyone upload this video in the first place. if you want to know why society is so bad watch this video and if you have a brain in that skull you will figure it out in one minute tops.

  • Nicoline van Rooyen

    I don’t like this, where is society going to.. Then they ask why the kids are the way they are today, when this is what they have to look up to.. Besides, if you wanted to beat someone up it should have been your husband, because why is he messing around with another woman when married.. Unless this is the treatment he gets all the time, then I understand

    • Laylee

      I agree strongly with that statement

  • KweenKace

    That parent shouldn’t have done that in front of children, that is pure abuse, if I was the teacher I would call the cops right away, or grab the woman’s arm and sock her in the face. this is pure freaking evil.

  • mJulie


  • daimel


  • anonannonington69420

    POW! Right in the ovaries.