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Parents Killed Their Daughter’s Pimp

pimp in Los angeles who were killed by prostitute's parents
The parents of a 17-year-old runaway killed her pimp.

The teen ran away from her parents home in San Francisco. She went to Los Angeles for a life of prostitution.

Her parents tried to make her stop and bring her home. When their efforts failed, they decided to go to the root of the problem. They killed their daughter’s pimp.

Barry Laprell Gilton and Lupe Mercado are charged with the shooting death of their daughter’s alleged pimp, 22-year-old Calvin Sneed.

According to reports, Gilton and Mercado attempted to kill him before. On June 4 at around 2am Gilton allegedly shot Sneed in his car causing his death.

Gilton and Mercado found their daughter in escort ads after she ran away a year ago. They were concerned for their daughter and tried to convince her to come back. They also encouraged her to stay away from Sneed.

According to police, they have evidence that makes them believe that this a premeditated murder.

Each of them faces one count of murder, one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.

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