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Paulina Gretzky On The Cover Of Flare Magazine (PHOTO)


Paulina Gretzky graces the cover of Flare magazine.

Wayne Gretzky’s daughter will be on the cover Flare’s February 2013 issue. This is her second time as a cover girl. She wears a nude dress and heels, but looks more elegant than her pictures on instagram that surfaced last year.

The magazine also reveals that Paulina has had her eye on the entertainment business. There’s even an album in the plans. When asked about the instagram scandal, her response:

“I think that a couple of pictures sparked an interest,” she said.

“They acted as if I was doing frontal, like, nudity and that didn’t feel right.”

She also shot down the rumour that her father shut down her Twitter account.

Check out some of Paulina Gretzky’s instagram photos:



Paulina Gretzky in Complex magazine photoshoot
Paulina Gretzky in Complex magazine photoshoot









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  • Irena

    Her mother always looked better then her 😉

  • Bresnan

    Just a matter of time before she does porn.

  • Sheri

    Is this cover supposed to attract women to buy the magazine? I don’t get it.

  • Xamption

    Who cares what this nobody has to say!

  • Adam Kimberlin

    I just feel horrible for her father, and jealous of whoever is smashing that.

  • Favio

    There are many adjectives that appropriately describe Paulina Gretzky. Classy is not one of them.

  • Maria

    She is looking great. Yeah!!

  • Griffins

    She is not pretty. Her pictures has no style

  • Marcks

    I didn’t like her on the cover of any magazine.